Studies show that largest losses of fruits and vegetables occur at the post harvest and distribution stages of the food supply chain.

Solutions for minimizing produce waste exist throughout the post-harvest and distribution process. Eris filter is an effective way to remove ethylene and bacteria during the transportation stage to maintain the freshness and quality of commodities. It is particularly helpful for transports of the following items.











Distributors and transporters should always be able to manage shipping of ethylene emitting and ethylene sensitive products. If mixed loads are unavoidable, then using commercial ethylene scrubbers is highly recommended. Eris Filter will help to avoid critical handling issues ensuring that you receive the maximum value for your shipment.

Cargo types

Reefers of all types

Eris filter is equally applicable for all varieties of refrigerated containers using single or partitioned multi-temperature load spaces for trucks, rail cars or marine containers. It’s easy to use and maintenance-free.

Refrigerated trucks

Most ethylene sensitive commodities are shipped in trucks. Using Eris Filter will help to eliminate ethylene and airborne pathogens during the entire distance.

Refrigerated train cars

Fruit and vegetable reefers tend to see seasonal use, and are generally used for long-distance shipping. These loads will significantly benefit from Eris Filter.

Marine containers

For standardized inter-modal transport of marine cargo, Eris Filter is recommended as ethylene and bacteria protection technology for the entire shipping distance.

Installation and maintenance

The filter should be placed in front of blower unit inside container with the help of zip ties. It is light and designed not to disrupt airflow. In the case of multi-temperature units, an Eris Filter should be placed near each blower unit.

It’s recommended to replace Eris filter once per month (in refrigerated trucks) or each sea trip (in case of sea shipping). No other maintenance is required.

Each stage of the supply chain, from growers to retailers will benefit from Eris filter, by providing fresher, healthier and better looking produce.