Test results

The effectiveness of Eris Filter has been scientifically proven with field test results. Find below a complete description of the testing.

Field Test Summary

Testing organized by Dr. Rick Falkenberg, Scientific Air Solutions.

The Eris filter was placed in an ocean container transporting fresh produce from California to China. The results of this test have shown a significant reduction in microbial counts with the use of the Eris Filter. Pre shipment air samples (California) ranged from 250-395 CFU/m3. Post shipment air samples (China) ranged from 80-110 CFU/m3. (See spatial map following.)

Field Test Description

The Eris Filter was placed in the center (top, ceiling) with Velcro strips. Product was then, placed in the ocean container (40’x8’x7’ or 12×2.5×2.1m). There was a 23 inch open space from the top of the cases of product and the ceiling. Air samples were taken via MB-2 sampler, on Acidified (pH 3.5) Potato Dextrose Agar (PDA), starting in the front, center, and at 5 foot increments (down the center) for a total of 5 samples.

In China, before the container was unloaded, air samples were taken from approximately the same locations (sample locations were marked on the ceiling), with the same MB-2 sampler on PDA from the same lot as the initial samples). Plates from these samples were sent back to California to the Scientific Air Solutions lab, incubated and enumerated.

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