How It Works

Eris filter is an innovative ethylene scrubber and airborne bacteria removal tool. It is the ideal solution to protect all varieties of fresh produce and cut flowers being shipped in refrigerated trucks, railroad refrigerator cars or marine containers. Learn more about applications for Eris Filter.

Safe for refrigeration units, Eris Filter is placed near blower unit, preserving space for loading produce. Eris is made of light-weight materials to prevent airflow disruption while maximizing ethylene removal and destruction of airborne bacteria and viruses.

Eris filter reduces labor costs as there is no longer any need to maintain traditional tube filters. Besides that Eris filter is much more effective comparing to tube filters because it allows air to pass through eliminating airborne bacteria and ensuring maximum utilization of potassium permanganate for removing ethylene.


The filter contains particles of Potassium permanganate encased in non-woven polyester coated with an anti-microbial agent. Thus the reaction inside the filter effectively removes ethylene and destroys airborne pathogens.

The edges of the filter include a series of solid brass O rings making it extremely easy to place Eris filter near the evaporator, using only zip ties or Velcro hooks.

* The amounts released during the reaction are insignificant and do not influence the internal atmosphere

Eris filter helps to make for stress-free perishable transportation. With the advantages of removing ethylene, odor, airborne bacteria and mold, this disposable and maintenance free filter performs an essential task without you even knowing it’s there.

Find out how effective Eris filter is by checking out our Test Results.